230 Girls set to participate in GIGL’s Team Tournament at MGA Links in Norton, MA

(North Attleboro, MA) – GIGL, the Girls Independent Golf League, announced today that 230 girls have registered to participate in their upcoming Girls Team Tournament set for Sunday, September 18, 2016 at MGA Links in Norton, MA.

“This is the biggest turnout we’ve ever had,” said Dave Barend of GIGL. “Who would have ever thought that an idea that started back in 2013 and a tournament for 16 girls would someday grow into this? It’s a very exciting time…that’s for sure!”

The morning session will begin at 8:30 am and the afternoon session will begin at 12:30 pm.

Pre-Tournament Clinics will be held by:

JILLIAN BLANCHARD – Siena College Golf
GARY CARDOZA – PGA Pro & Top 25 NE Golf Instructor
BRUCE CHALAS – Boston University Head Coach
KERRI CONNOLLY – Titleist Rep & U of Maryland Golf
DANIELLE GRIFFITH – Brown University Head Coach
RYAN PEFFER – Boston College Asst. Coach
CLAIRE SHELDON – Harvard University Former Asst. Coach

Contact Dave Barend at (508) 316-1171 dbarend@comcast.net for additional information.

GIGL is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. For more information about GIGL visit their website at www.GIGLgolf.com.

About GIGL Girls Independent Golf League
A few years ago, Jillian and Sadie Barend, (then ten & six years old) asked their parents if they could be on a golf team like the U.S. women they watched play in the Solheim Cup. Their father, Dave Barend, searched, but could not find a single all girls youth golf team. So, he and his wife Sara, with the help of many other parents, now “voluntarily” run what has been dubbed the Girls Independent Golf League (GIGL). GIGL is the only all-girls, youth team golf league anywhere in New England, and quite possibly anywhere in the country. It has become much more successful than anyone could have ever imagined.

GIGL’s Mission

FUN – Though scores are kept, winning is definitely secondary to enjoying the raucous fun atmosphere at GIGL tournaments. And while GIGL Plus is substantially more competitive than GIGL, having fun is still a main priority.

TEAM – The fun increases when the girls are on a team from their town playing with other girls they have gotten to know. In addition, increasing the focus on team will decrease the self-centeredness that is endemic with golf.

GIRLS ONLY – Many girls find it much more fun and less intimidating when there are no boys involved. GIGL is the only all girls, youth, town based team golf league in New England.

PLAY/COMPETE – Every GIGL event has either a team tournament or a team driving competition because if it is a goal to get more girls to play golf then it only makes sense to let them play golf.

LEARNING – No experience is necessary to play, and we have some type of clinic before each tournament because the fun increases the better they get.  The clinics are run by GIGL Experts such as HOF Pat Bradley and LPGA Stars Megan Khang, Michele Bell, Pamela Kerrigan Johnson and Naree Song.

LOW COST – The team tournament green’s fees are only $5-$10. GIGL does not make any money from any of our events. No one associated with GIGL receives any compensation.  We provide clubs, tees and balls for free for any girl who needs them.

NO MAJOR COMMITMENT – We realize that kids (and parents) are currently overloaded time-wise with many other sports and activities. With GIGL there is no requirement to go to every team practice, lesson or tournament. A girl can attend whichever GIGL events she can, and pays for only those events.

EXPANSION – Though GIGL is currently based in Norton, Mass. girls come from all over New England.  It would be nice if they didn’t have to.  Plans are in the works for new GIGLs in Rhode Island, Vermont, and Western Mass. Long term plan is to get GIGLs coast to coast.

Media contact for GIGL is Joe Wieczorek (joe@www.themediagroupinc.com) of The Media Group, (847) 956-9090.